The Winning Equation for Meaningful Online Meetings

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Like you, I sit in a lot of online meetings, workshops and trainings.
Have you noticed what makes a meeting great?

For me, meaningful meetings need to have what I call E3 or E to the 3rd power. They need to be:

  • Engaging - I want to feel safe and welcome as soon as I arrive. And I want to be engaged through exercises that allow me to express myself.
  • Efficient - I want my time to be valued and my effort well-spent. The meeting should have a clear goal/desired outcome with a design in place to get there.
  • Equitable - I want to experience everyone in the room and know that we are progressing forward together.

I have found that in order to have all three, there needs to be the right people carrying out their roles:

  • Skilled facilitator(s)
  • Empowered participants
  • Supportive “top cover” or an advocate for the group. This can be a team led, manager, boss, etc. but doesn't need to be present, just informed and consulted.
  • A tech host

These key roles supports the winning equation that every session needs in order to meet it's exponential potential. Yet often we make do with what we have and hope for the best. That’s not a strategy and it rarely ends well.

To multiply the exponential potential, you will need:

  • a design approach that fits the needs of the group,
  • the appropriate technology that is aligned with participants level of tech savviness, and
  • facilitated exercises that helps the process along

so that the desired outcomes for the session can be reached. These are contributions people bring with them which makes up the culture and determines how successful the outcome will be. These are all skills that can be learned.

If your online sessions have the basis to make meetings meaningful and their multiplying exponents in place, congratulations!
If you need help sustaining this or getting all the pieces in place, consider hiring a tech host to help.

At Tech Host Academy, we don’t just turn on the lights and let people in the room, we bring:

  • Approach design,
  • Presence, and
  • Tech mastery

to ensure that meetings are engaging, efficient and equitable.

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