Hi! My name is Heather Leavitt Martinez. I'm a virtual facilitator and visual practitioner who loves to share knowledge and provide exceptional online experiences for others. That's why I tech host!

After teaching online and being an in-person meeting facilitator, when the Pandemic hit, it was a natural move for me to hone my tech hosting skills. It's one of the many skills I have in my toolbox and has become vital in every role that I play in online sessions.

In May of 2021, I offered a tech host training to ~90 people (who had little to no tech hosting experience) to support the world's first international virtual calligraphy conference. Together, 30 newly-trained tech hosts successfully supported ~200 sessions calligraphy sessions in just one week. 

This experience, coupled with my love of teaching and supporting groups of all kinds, inspired me to build the Tech Host Academy.

While some organizations are meeting in person again. There will always be an online component to meetings, trainings, and gatherings. Too many business models are depending on the ease, cost savings, and efficiencies of meeting online. Including people like me, who are immunocompromised, benefit from working from home.

Together, I believe we can create thriving virtual environments for ourselves and others.

I hope you will join me on this journey to make online environments where we can all thrive.


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