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"I love that people are able to connect and create meaningful communities whether they know each other well or are in different continents.
Tech hosting can encourage and reinforce the deep connections we want to have in any meeting or gathering."

Michal, Tech Host


"Tech hosting has opened up a whole new world of engagement for me. I work full time as a lab tech at a community college, and now with remote learning, my skills gained from tech host training from Heather Martinez have strengthened my abilities in this new arena."

Tatiana, Tech Host


Become a “Dream Tech Host”

Simply put, I could not teach as effectively online without the expertise of Heather Martinez. She is the dream tech host who allows me the freedom to do what I do best: teach. She handles all the technical details of being virtual, orients and organizes the students to the online environment, provides a platform to interact and review student work and records and publishes the event. Heather has taught me best practices for organizing my curriculum and has worked with me to market and manage my workshops. I’ve also worked with tech hosts trained by Heather and all have been excellent.
Mike Gold
Professional Artist & Teacher