$475.00 USD

Self-Study Program

Let's get you started at Tech Host Academy!

You can learn to be a tech host at your own pace—in just a week if you wish! Just know that during this 6-month, semester-long course, you will have access to all of the recordings and resources that the professional program offers. 

What Participants Are Saying
"With all the support Heather provides, I’ve already taken on more tech hosting work and seen a return on my investment in the course. Without THA, I would still be trying to figure out if growing my tech host work was even possible!"
— Analisse O.
"I love that people are able to connect and create meaningful communities whether they know each other well or are in different continents.
Tech hosting can encourage and reinforce the deep connections we want to have in any meeting or gathering."
— Michal S.
"Tech hosting has opened up a whole new world of engagement for me. I work full time as a lab tech at a community college, and now with remote learning, my skills gained from tech host training from Heather Martinez have strengthened my abilities in this new arena."
— Tatiana G.

You have two options when joining Tech Host Academy:

 Professional - This $995 investment sets you up to become a professional tech host. You can learn more and sign up here.
Self-Study - Great for those who just want to help make the meetings they are in better (example: Calligraphy Guilds, Arts and Crafts groups, social and church groups, those self-investing in professional development). Stay on this page to sign up.
Both PROFESSIONAL and Self-Study Programs Include:
  • A comprehensive Tech Host Playbook
  • 10 video lessons complete with supporting tools, checklists, and more
  • Recordings of past Quest Sessions with experts in technology, hybrid meetings, creating safe spaces, and more!

 The PROFESSIONAL program is a greater investment that ALSO includes:

  • Monthly ⭐️LIVE ⭐️ Sandboxing sessions so you can put your learning to work! (Value $25 per session)
  •  Fast-Action BONUS!  Sign up today and you will receive a copy of the best-selling book, Surviving the Horror of Online Meetings by Brian Tarallo (via snail mail—which is why we are requesting your mailing address).  
  • BONUS!  1:1 session with me at the end of your semester to determine best fit for referring work.
  • Inclusion in the Tech Host Academy directory and certificate of completion. You will be on my list of tech hosts I refer work to! 
  • SWAG Virtual tech host background, stickers, and more to show off that you are a tech host!

If you would like all of this, you can sign up to become a professional tech host here.  

We will not share, trade, or sell online information that you provide us (including e-mail addresses). 

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